Legacy Adds 15 New Distributor Members in 2016

January 17,2017

Legacy Foodservice Alliance, the Richmond-based Foodservice Supply Chain Alliance closed out 2016 by announcing its 15th new Distributor Member of the year.  Member growth continues at a rapid pace with 176 Distributor Member locations now part of the network.

“The Legacy Model has really gained momentum over the years, and resonates with many independent distributors.  Obviously, this year’s growth is a testimonial to that,” commented EVP of Distribution, Deb Winter. 

Since its inception in 2009, Legacy has remained on a steep growth curve.  The Alliance continues to focus on enhancing Member services, providing Member value, and contributing to the good health and well-being of independent foodservice distributors.  Continued growth is expected in 2017, with a focus on filling geographic voids, helping facilitate strong Distributor and Supplier Member sales, and enhancing relationships between the trading partners.   

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