DSR/Operator Online Learning

Drive DSR Selling Behaviors

  • Convenient online educational training helps DSRs understand how to position your brands and present products effectively to local Operators as profitable menu solutions.
  • DSRs complete online assessment testing that scores comprehension of training material.
  • Complete training data submitted directly to your company for follow-up engagement with DSRs.
  • Ideal opportunity to increase DSR brand loyalty and drive profitable sales in the local markets.

Influence Local Operator Buying Decisions

  • Expose local Operators to the value of your brands to drive new menu profits and excitement.
  • Demonstrate real-world applications of your brands at work in a foodservice environment.
  • Create awareness for your value-added brand promotions, coupons, and rebates.
  • Capture Operator participation and assessment data as the basis for direct follow-up marketing.

Distributor Best Practices Educational Series

Strengthen working relationships with Legacy Distributor Member management decision-makers in the local markets by including your company’s successful best practices educational content in the StreetWise® Distributor Best Practices Online Learning Network. Ideal opportunity for Suppliers to share key success stories and real-world strategies to effectively drive brand loyalty with Distributor management. StreetWise® Distributor Best Practices Online Learning sessions focus on proven disciplines that support collaborative planning and execution between Suppliers and Distributors to optimize profitability at the local level. Quarterly online sessions will be conducted during the months of: January, April, July, and October. Sample Subject Matter to be Included in StreetWise® Distributor Best Practices Sessions:

  • A Simplified Approach to Category Management
  • From Transactional to Strategic: Optimizing Key Supplier-Distributor Partnerships
  • The Transition to Consultative Selling
  • Driving Vendor Profitability Influence Key Management Decision-Makers
  • Online best practices training helps Distributor management teams understand how to more effectively collaborate with key Suppliers to drive mutually-beneficial business growth
  • Online assessment testing scores comprehension of training material for each participant
  • Detailed reporting on participation and assessment tests submitted directly to Suppliers
  • Increase Distributor management loyalty to your brand to optimize results in the local markets


StreetWise® Connection brings Suppliers together with top Legacy Distributor Member DSRs, Sales Managers, and Marketing Managers for hands-on educational product training and team motivation in an ideal one-on-one networking environment. StreetWise® Connection will be held in conjunction with the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas, March 7-10, 2016.

On-site Engagement with DSRs and Marketing Managers Suppliers hear directly from DSRs and Marketing Managers on go-to-market strategies in the local markets, and gain a valuable opportunity to conduct branded product training and share solutions-based selling know-how in a personalized learning environment.

StreetWise® Connection is an ideal venue for Suppliers to demonstrate how branded products can be used in a more profitable context on the menu to drive Operator profits, help DSRs capture new brand placements, and increase profitability at the local level.

Strengthen Brand Loyalty and Local Reach StreetWise® Connection is conducted in a sales meeting format, with the opportunity to present branded product offerings and educate participants on local marketing ideas, selling strategies, merchandising, and sales support resources.

Suppliers participating in StreetWise® Connection can strengthen brand loyalty and increase networking and promotional reach with Legacy distributor DSRs and Marketing Managers in the local markets.

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