The Core Values

The Mission

To provide the environment through which Supply Chain Partners can connect, share, sustain, succeed, and thrive.

The Vision

To be The Group of Choice for select Distributor and Supplier Members, widely recognized for creating a long-term Culture of Success.

Core Values

  • Treat Distributor and Supplier Members as customers.
  • Facilitate win/win/win results - Get to Yes.
  • At every decision point - Do the right thing.

The Strategy

Guiding principles that drive our strategy . . .

  • Simplicity - Simple, clear, and easily understood processes and agreements.
  • Intimacy - Partner with a manageable number of Supplier and Distributor Members.
  • Transparency- Breaking down barriers of the past, sharing information freely.
  • Accountability- Establish goals, measure progress, report results.
  • Dependability - People with a long history of success.
  • Provide venues for networking and personal interaction.

The Commitment

  • Focus on long-term success for all Supply Chain Partners.
  • Nurture a high-touch environment of personal interaction.
  • Involve the Members in strategy and decision making.
  • Provide Distributor and Supplier Members a voice within the organization.
  • Be the Members’ advocate throughout the industry.

The Goal

Create a truly unique Group environment combining state-of-the-art technology, industry best practices, and high touch customer service to foster success for all Members.

A place where partners can connect, share, sustain, succeed and thrive.