Legacy Foodservice Alliance education and training continues for Member’s Sales associates

September 23, 2021

Legacy Foodservice Alliance will finish the 2021 StreetWise® 365 education series in October with a focus on the coronavirus, the Delta variant and its impact on pricing, supply chain and the morale of sales teams on the street.


StreetWise® has been providing training to Legacy Distributor Member DSRs since its launch in 2012. Utilizing hands-on events featuring seminars, education and interactive demonstrations as well as online resources, StreetWise® offers sales associates learning channels to better their product knowledge and approaches to selling.


Deb Winter Legacy EVP shared, “With prices rising across the board and supply chain still in recovery from COVID, foodservice sales teams have faced several challenges over the past 18 months.” Winter continues, “StreetWise® 365 offers an opportunity to educate and inform sales teams and provides information and updates for their customers.”


In addition to in-person events and information located on Legacy’s website, StreetWise® 365 has created a series of online member meetings taking advantage of mobile technology for the on-the-go DSR. This event will be Legacy’s third totally virtual SW365 event of 2021. Other digital media is in development and the team is looking forward to launching them in the coming months.


About Legacy Foodservice Alliance Legacy Foodservice Alliance is a national foodservice sales and marketing organization that combines the purchasing power of more than 170 Distributors and 500 Suppliers to bring the best products at the best prices to its Members. Legacy was established in 2009 by people who are well known names in the foodservice distribution business. Legacy is truly a unique group environment, combining state-of-the-art technology, industry best practices, and high touch customer service to help foster success for Members and their customers. Drawing on decades of cumulative experience and positive influences of the past, Legacy continues to build the Distributor Group of the Future. For more information, visit http://legacyfoodservice.com/