Working Collaboratively to Help Independent Restaurants Grow Their Business

November 5, 2017

From the Foodservice Blog, and Interview With Steve Push:

At a time when independent restaurants are threatened by stagnation, distributors, vendors and purchasing groups are putting their heads together to help their customers emerge successfully from the doldrums. Restaurateurs’ supply-chain partners are seeking answers to their pressing questions about “What’s new, what’s hot, how can I improve my menu, how can I get more people in my seats.”

At the recent Legacy Foodservice Alliance’s Marketplace in Richmond, we spoke with Steve Push, CEO, regarding his views about foodservice cooperation.

What was the upshot of the latest Marketplace organized by Legacy Foodservice Alliance for its distributor and vendor-members last month? What did you learn?

The Marketplace always reasserts to me the local marketplace resiliency of the Legacy distributor and supplier-members. With the away-from-home dining business growing at a glacial pace this year, our members continue to find ways to work together to show more than just nominal growth. It may sound trite, but that simply comes from working together, listening to, and supporting each other.

What are your distributor-members saying about foodservice business? Which segments are suffering and which ones are doing well?

For Legacy members, more than half of our sales are derived from sales to restaurants. It’s an exciting time in most cities, and many are seeing population growth again, and the cities are hotbeds for independent restaurants. Our distributor members are especially well placed to take advantage of this growth, and are doing well in these markets. We don’t really handle a great deal of multi-unit or quick serve restaurants, so I don’t really have a finger on that pulse.