Where foodservice partners can connect, share, sustain, succeed, and thrive.

How We Offer Value

We leverage our network to partner with top suppliers.

This combined network gets you maximum buying power.

Your customers get high quality products at the best prices.

Our transparent business model builds trust and integrity.

Who are we?

At Legacy, we believe that open communication between the Distributor Members and the carefully selected Supplier Members is the building block of an effective Alliance. Our transparent business model establishes trust and integrity. Simplicity, Intimacy, Transparency, Accountability, Dependability, and Reliability. It’s who we are. It’s what we deliver. It’s what you should expect!

Where Everyone is a Member

Legacy Foodservice Alliance is a national supply chain marketing and services alliance, headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. The Alliance’s diverse membership is comprised of Independent Foodservice Distributor Members across North America, Central America, Bermuda and the Caribbean combined with the best brands from Supplier Members located around the world.

Group Purchasing Alliance
The United Group
Pro Mark

Legacy Events


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